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TO START ON 8th JUNE smiley


Welcome to our new and exciting topic lessons, specially designed for you to enjoy at home and for the children in school to also enjoy. 

This term we have 2 pathways:

History theme - learning about the Mayans and creating a new civilisation.

Geography theme - learning about island life and creating a fantasy island.

    Each pathway could take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks to complete, you can also switch between pathways if you wish to do so.

    You should aim to do a range of activities across the pathway so you've got plenty of knowledge to be able to complete the Final Outcome Task (this is shown at the bottom of each pathway plan). 


Have a look at the amazing activities on offer in each pathway.

   You will also notice that each pathway is split into 'lines' like the London underground. You can choose to start along any line and even change lines just like you do on the underground! Each line has a slightly different focus, it might be History, Geography, RE, Environmental or Art/DT.


   Pick the activities which interest you. All the resources, ppt presentations, videos etc are available below under each pathway map. They are numbered 1-5 to make it easier for you to find which resources go with which lesson/activity.

   If you require a pack of printed resources please contact Mrs Smith on:


We hope you have lots of fun completing these lessons and the best thing is that families can work together and choose the same activity, the only difference being that the Yr3 to Yr6 page may have slightly extended activities to deepen their understanding.