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In this lesson, we will explore the theme of kindness. We will think of times people have been kind to us and what effect this has had on us. We will consider ways we can be kind to others and make a plan. Extend this lesson by making a kind card and sending it to one of your friends or family.



In this lesson, we will listen to the story of Beegu, by Alexis Deacon. We will think about who has shown Beegu kindness and who could have shown more kindness. We end the lesson by writing a message to Beegu to show her that she is welcome on Earth.



In this lesson, we will recall the story Beegu, by Alexis Deacon, and draw a story map to help us remember the plot. We will consider the different ways Beegu felt throughout the story and what caused these feelings. You can extend this lesson by thinking of an action step for each part of the story, focusing on using facial expressions.



In this lesson, we will receive a letter from Beegu, thanking the children for their kindness. We will plan our own letter, to thank someone who is kind to us. You may want to prepare for the next lesson by drawing a picture for that person, thinking about what they like.



In this lesson, we will write a letter of kindness to someone we care about. We will be sure to include the features of a letter, working on sounding out words and learning to write some tricky words. You can extend this lesson by posting the letter and talking about the process mail goes through to reach the intended recipient.