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EYFS/Year 1

Hi everyone!

I hope that you're all well and making the most of the gorgeous weather! laugh

Last week's learning looked like LOTS of fun - I would LOVE to see some pictures of what you have been up to.

This week there is more fun learning to be done, with some inventing too! Have fun and keep smiling! xx



Our learning this week is about INVENTIONS!!!

Here is an overview of the learning, and the things that you will need. 


In this lesson, we will learn what engineers do. We will think of the things we use that have been engineered and have a go at solving problems by building a bridge. You can extend the lesson by designing, building and testing your own bridge.

Miss Hughes will be your teacher again this week. 

Click on the picture to start.


In this lesson, we will hear a story about a little girl called Maisie Mears who has some big ideas. Maisie wants to engineer a comfortable cage for her mouse but she needs your help. After the lesson, help Maisie by designing a cage for the mouse, thinking about the best materials to use.


In this lesson, we will consider all of the steps an engineer must take to bring an idea to life. We will draw pictures to help us remember the process and think about what we have in our life that has been engineered. Bring your maps along to tomorrow’s lesson where you will become an engineer.


In this lesson, we will plan to build a home for our teddies by writing instructions. We consider how we will make the home safe, comfortable and warm and collect the items that we need. Bring your instructions along to tomorrow’s lesson, where we will build the homes.


In this lesson, we put all of our knowledge to the test and build our homes using the instructions. We test them and consider whether we can improve them. Now it is up to you to maintain your homes by fixing them and adapting them as needed. Well done on a brilliant week of work engineers!