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Oak Class



Oak Class 2020 - 2021

We are a combined class of amazing year 5 and 6 pupils!

Our teacher is Mrs Knight and our teaching assistant is Mrs Conneely.

We all work very hard so we can prepare for the transition to secondary school.

Our timetable is varied and exciting, we learn English, Maths and Science as well as Art, DT, PE, Topic, Music, PSHE and French. We also take part in many sporting competitions such as A1 sports.

We are lucky enough to go on a residential trip to Hilltop every other year and we even build and race a mini sports car at Rockingham race track!

Our Year 6 have many responsibilities, these include Head Boy, Head Girl and Ambassador roles in ICT, Environmental, Library and Sport. Our Year 6 and Year 5 share the important roles of lunchtime leaders and house captains.

Please keep checking this page to see what exciting learning we have been doing.


In Science we are learning about Life Cycles and hope to answer the question: Can the Life Cycle vary between species?

We have started to grow peas so we can see the life cycle in action!

We planted peas in our 'Sprout Houses'

This is what they look like after 1 week

They are beginning to sprout! I wonder what they will look like next week?


We are the Mighty Oaks!

We decorated our faces using WPAP style art work.

"What is WPAP style art work?" I hear you ask.

WPAP is a cubist-inspired style of geometric pop art that has been lurking around the internet for quite a while. Popularized in the late 1990's by Indonesian artist Wedha Abdul Rasyid, Wedha's pop art portraits or 'WPAP' for short, are easily recognizable by their sharp lines and wild, vibrant color schemes.





















Oak Class 2019 - 2020

Welcome to Oak Class.

This is a combined class of year 5 and 6 pupils - the last two years of the school!

The class is taught jointly by Mrs Penniall and Mrs Ruggiero.

The children work extremely hard in order to prepare themselves fully for the transition to secondary school. Our timetable is varied and exciting, not just with English and Maths but with art and DT projects, many sporting competitions such as A1 sports, a residential to Hilltop and even the building and racing of a sports car at Rockingham race track!

Being the oldest in school, the children have many responsibilities. These include Ambassador roles such as PE, first aid and ICT, lunchtime leaders and house captains.

Please spare a moment to have a look at the rest of our page to see some of the exciting recent learning experiences for Oak Class. 

Our Trip to Hilltop in Norfolk


This week, November 20th to Friday 22nd, we ventured to Hilltop for our residential.

After a great drive of just over 2 hours we reached our destination in some sunshine ready for the adventure to begin. We were met by Liv, our course leader, who gave us a quick tour of the site before we headed out for our first activities.

The afternoon started with the obstacle course which involved us climbing, crawling and swinging through puddles of water and areas of mud. Having dipped our toes into this we then headed over to the agility course where we had to work in pairs to support each other with travelling around a wooden assault course. The motto of the task was both verbal and physical support which we did in abundance!

To finish the afternoon session we harnessed up ready for the adrenaline rush of the 'Big Zipper'. Swinging through the trees was an exhilarating experience but by the end we were glad to head back into the warm before settling down to a great meal of fish and chips followed by apple crumble and custard.

To end the first day away we played owls and mice in the woods, hunting each other down in a torch lit game of hide and seek. Now having some down time before bed!


Hilltop day 2


Here we go again! After a delicious breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs and waffles we headed out into the cold for our first activity of the day - the vertical challenge! This involved climbing vertically up a series of obstacles made from tyres, wooden poles and rope netting. Whilst three climbed, six of us supported them by belaying the ropes tautly to ensure their smooth ascent and safe descent. We did an amazing job both in challenging ourselves to climb just that little bit higher and ensuring our classmates were verbally supported too.

Once our feet were all back firmly on the ground and after a warming hot chocolate we headed off to partake in team games. These were the spider's web and labyrinth where we communicated and worked as a team to complete the tasks competently.

Lunch was a feast of jacket potatoes with various delicious toppings and homemade cookies. This fueled us ready for the day's big adventure - The Tree Top Trial. Having practiced how to lock ourselves onto each bridge and move across to the next we set off up into the trees. We had choices to make as we worked along the trial, whether to take the high road or the low road but whichever one we chose was a challenge ending in the same place. Once again we were fantastic at supporting each other whether it was taking a hand to go across an open slatted bridge, or shouting encouragement from below. The instructors were full of praise for how we pulled to together to ensure each one of us achieved our goal. 

The night ended with a warming campfire where we sang silly songs, had 'cow moo offs', roasted marshmallows and warmed our toes before heading back to base for hot chocolate and some down time.

It's been another fabulous day - good night!



Hilltop Day 3


Our final day! After a hearty breakfast of sausages, beans and hash browns we ventured out heading straight for the super swing. Nearing the site, the largest swing you can imagine came into view. Once in our harnesses and hats we organised ourselves into groups of three by how high we wanted to go. A motorised pulley pulled us back to the height we had chosen to try. Then one of us, who was brave enough, had to release the string to release us into our swing. The screams could be heard all over the Hilltop site!

Having recovered from this free fall pendulum swing experience we headed over to the bikes for our final activity. Kitted up we showed the instructor just how proficient we were, even teaching him about the ABC we had learnt on our cycling proficiency. Soon we were biking round the trail which involved going over hills, seesaw jumps, tight corners and through muddy puddles. We all pushed ourselves and learnt some new skills.

Our final meal was pizza and salad followed by the most delicious flapjack. Then it was a goodbye to Liv, our wonderful course leader and the rest of the amazing staff before scrambling onto the coach for our journey home.

We are now back, happy to see our families and ready for a restful weekend! The washing machines may however, be very busy!



Footnote from the Oak team:

We just wanted to thank our amazing acorns for a brilliant residential. You made us so proud both for your determination to try every activity to the best of your ability and your great support (physical and verbal) of each other. You have been an absolute delight over the last three days. Enjoy time with your families now telling them all about your wonderful adventures. See you next week.

Mrs Ruggiero, Mrs Penniall and Mrs Conneely.

Roald Dahl Day

September 13th is Roald Dahl's birthday! This year our school celebrated with a dahlicious dress up day and the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a day of activities linked to many of his wonderful books whilst raising money for his Marvellous Children's charity. 

In Oak class we created new crazy characters based on the BFG, tackled a range of marvellous maths challenges before baking Violet Beauregarde blueberry muffins and creating visual pictures of our dreams in BFG dream jars.

Much fun was had by all and both pupils and staff looked amazing in their costumes!

Well done to Grandma from George's Marvellous Medicine who won 'best dressed' in class. You'll never guess which member of Oak class it was?!

Roald Dahl day 2019


Our science topic this Autumn term 2019 is Evolution and Inheritance. So far the class have been thinking about what Evolution means and the past history of different plants and animals. In class they were set the task of plotting a geological timeline. They first had to discuss when each of the different events happened and then having decided the order had to place them on a 'timeline' thinking carefully about the timescale. A very tricky task!

See some of their results below.

Geological timelines

Year 6 Leavers Trip To Wicksteed Park

Testing our parachute designs for a forces experiment.

Netball Tournament 2019

We were delighted to win both the A and B team netball tournaments this Summer and secure our place at the county finals. For a small class group this was a great achievement as many much larger schools competed. Yeah! Well done Oak Class we are so proud of you!