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Science Intent Statement

Science Policy

Autumn term B

In science, oak class have been looking at lots of different materials, they have been doing multiple experiments, the activity seen below is where the children where given a bag containing three different iteam's of food, the challenge was that they where to seperate all three iteams using a mixture of different utensils and method, so that they would be able to be place the different food in three seperate bags. 

Autumn term A 2022/2023

Willow class 

Willow class have been taking part in creating their very own set of teeth, in relation to their recent topic of (Animals including Humans).

Autumn Term B 2022/2023

In willow class this term for science, they have been learning all about Forces and Magnets and have completed several experiments to record their findings. The first experiment they did was testing with balls on which surface do they travel the most on. Their second experiment involved them messuring with a ruler at which height did their car start to move depending on the different fabrics underneath the car.