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Week Beginning 11th May


Tuesday 12th May is National Limerick Day. The English set for this week will allow you to plan and create your own limerick poem.

A limerick is a five-line poem that rhymes with a scheme of A-A-B-B-A and is often humorous



Please feel free to look at the new daily lessons being provided by the BBC on its Bitesize page under English for KS2.


This weeks maths is all about word problems.

Word problem is an exercise where background information is provided in the form of text rather than mathematical notation.

Children are encouraged to underline the key information, write down the calculations and work out the answers.

This is done by breaking down the word problems into their essential parts in order to tackle them more easily.


Two-step word problems.

A two-step word problem provides the information needed to solve the problem or equation in words instead of numbers. 

This requires children to figure out the correct sums needed to complete the problem and adds another stage to the process of solving them. 

Two-step problems require children to solve one or more sums and use one or more operations (e.g. multiplication, addition or division etc.) to do this.


This week we are focusing on the leaves of plants. 

Have a look at my lesson outline and spend your time this week exploring leaves and the amazing job they do not only for plants but for our world too.

All the resources you need are below and in future weeks you will be able to access them using your updated Active Learn log in details. Have fun!