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Week Beginning 18th May

This week we are going to learn about Amelia Earhart. On 20th May 1932, Amelia became the 1st Woman Pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean on her own!


Activity: Imagine you have just been on an adventure in your own aeroplane. Write a diary entry all about your journey, remember to include things like: Where you went, How long it took you to get there, Who else went with you, What you saw, did anything happen whilst you were there?

Remember to also write about how you were feeling.

Include lots of information so when I read it I can get a clear picture of your journey in my head.

You could also draw some pictures of what you saw or did.

These rhyming activities follow on from last week.  The rhyming words home learning is a matching activity.  An extension from this would be to use the matching rhyming words in silly sentences. CHALLENGE - Can you write these sentences down?

The picture cards are pictures of rhyming things - e.g. a dog on a log. first practice saying these sentences, then have a go at writing the sentence for each. CHALLENGE - Can you draw your own picture of 2 or more rhyming words?

These activities are designed to be completed this week and over half term. ;-)

These maths mats cover all areas of the maths curriculum. You could complete them in any way that works for you - playdough, paint, chalk etc. 

These should last for this week and over half term :-)