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Week Beginning 20th April

Willow Class,

We hope you have had a lovely Easter and have had lots of fun spending time with your families.

We have uploaded your home learning activities for this week, if you have any questions or if you'd like to share pictures of your work we would love to hear from you.

You can email us at:


We are missing you so very much and are praying that you all stay safe and that we are able to see you all soon.


love from Miss Skelhon, Mrs Turvey and The Willow Class Team. x heart


  • It's important to know the basics of volcanoes and what they do. Volcanoes are a natural way to cool the Earth down and release both heat and pressure. They produce dramatic scenery and often attract tourists when they're safe. Did you know that the ash spewed out from volcanoes is good for fertilising plants?
  • Using the Volcanoes PowerPoint complete the labelling activity sheet. These include differentiated sheets all with a blank and answer sheet to refer back to. 
  • I have also attached a 'make your own volcano science experiment sheet' which includes clear instructions, a list of equipment you will need and a written explanation of the science behind the activity you will experience. *


*Ask for an adults permission before you start experimenting please!




  • Practice your measuring skills in a fun way with these challenge cards. This practical exercise lets you get hands-on, using a ruler to measure different items and noting down your findings. 
  • For this task, you will use a ruler to measure the length of an object in millimetres (mm), and centimetres (cm). To measure an object using a ruler, place the ruler to the left edge of the object and see where the right edge ends on your ruler.

If you complete all of these challenge cards, why not write some of your own including other household items?

Spellings and Handwriting

  • In your home school learning pack you received weekly spellings and handwriting sheets. Please continue these each week as normal and perhaps have a spelling test at home on Friday. Handwriting sheets can be completed at any time during the week.


  • Use Captain Tom Moore Raises Millions for NHS Daily News Story to engage with the news, whilst also supporting reading development. 

    You will learn about how Captain Tom has been raising money for the NHS by doing 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. 

    Questions and answers about the news story are included to help develop your reading comprehension skills. 

  • At the bottom of each sheet there is a star, 1 star = Lower Ability, 2 stars = Middle Ability and 3 stars - Higher Ability. You are more than welcome to challenge yourself as each worksheet has slightly different comprehension questions. The answer sheets are attached


This week we are linking together all our learning over the last few weeks on how living things in environments can be affected. 

Have a look at my lesson outline and spend your time this week creating a report on how a new housing development might affect a pond. It'll be really interesting to see what you find out and can share with us all!