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Week Beginning 20th April

Our lovely Oaks,

We hope you have had a fun filled Easter enjoying all the things that you love to do both on your own and with your family.

We have uploaded a range of different home learning activities for you to work on this week.

Don't forget that if you have any questions or would just like to share any of the work you have been doing with us you can contact us using the email addresses below:


We are missing you and all our fun times very much. Stay safe and well.

Love from Mrs Ruggiero, Mrs Penniall and Mrs Conneely xxx


Here are 5 lessons for both Year 6 and Year 5 but please feel free to do as much or as little of these lessons as suits your own family circumstances. The last thing we want to do is to put you under any pressure.

Also starting from Monday 20th April the BBC is launching daily English lessons for each year group on BBC Bitesize. Lessons for year6, year 5 and year 4 daily are another option, particularly for the more visual learners in the class.



Below are lessons for both Year 5 and Year 6.

Year 5 are focusing on short division with some resources to support the learning of this skill and then activity sheets to complete. Year 6 are reviewing some previously learnt skills of roman numerals and 24hr to 12hr conversion as well as the new skill of converting between miles and km.

With the worksheets to complete, the activities are at different levels so please choose the work that you feel most confident to do. See how much you can stretch and challenge your learning!


As well as work on these specific skills it would be great if you kept practising the times tables skills to keep them sharp! Below is a game which is tablet friendly and will help increase your skills.


Once again please complete as much of this work as you feel able to do.


This week is all about burning!

Before you complete any of the activities on the plan of work you MUST make sure that you have adult supervision. Never set fire to anything unsupervised.

Please have a look at the plan and follow each of the activities set out for you to do. You will need to record your learning as you go through both using pictures but also writing. There are additional screens and video clips to look at which are listed below.

Have fun but be safe with this learning!

The powerpoint gives you lots of information about the history of the NHS and also highlights some of its amazing achievements. Using the information on the 1948 NHS leaflet there is a choice of three different worksheets to complete - choose the work you feel most confident and excited to do.

There is also the option to either design a poster or a leaflet or write a script for a radio advert.


Extension task - find out as much as you can about the United Kingdom's incredible NHS today or design your own piece of artwork to reflect the amazing job that our NHS is currently doing.