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Week Beginning 27th April


Below are lessons for both Year 5 and Year 6.

Year 5 are focusing on fractions with videos to support the learning of each skill and then activity sheets to complete. You will be looking at comparing and ordering fractions using fraction strips and a numberline; finding equivalent fractions and then simplifying fractions to their lowest form.

Year 6 are reviewing a range of previously learnt skills starting with scale and scaling and then moving onto finding % of amounts.

With some of the worksheets to complete, the activities are at different levels so please choose the work that you feel most confident to do. See how much you can stretch and challenge your learning!


As last week it would be great if you kept practising the times tables skills to keep them sharp! Below is another game which is tablet friendly and will help increase your skills.


Once again please complete as much of this work as you feel able to do.


This week is all about chemical changes!

The tasks will require you to use some different materials that you should have in your kitchen.

Please have a look at the plan and follow each of the activities set out for you to do. You will need to record your learning as you go along either on the worksheet provided or in a book. Choose the level of the worksheet which suits your confidence. All the screens and resources you need are available below.

Have fun with these amazing changes!


Below are three suggested lessons which are suitable for both year 5 and year 6. Please do as much or as little of these to suit your personal circumstances, we do not want to put any pressure on you.

Day 1 - Read a range of persuasive texts, in the form of exciting adverts, then write answers about your two favourite ones.

Day 2- Watch an advert and identify fact and opinion, analysing the differences. You will then have the chance to script your own advert!

Day 3- Read a letter to a newspaper and annotate it to highlight features of persuasive writing. Prepare a persuasive talk of your own.

If anyone would like more lessons than this, then please email me on and then I can send you further options. Alternatively, please feel free to look at the new daily lessons being provided by the BBC on its Bitesize page under English for KS2. Have fun!


The following work is suitable for both year 5 and year 6. Under the title, Extreme Earth, the learning objective is to find out about the Earth's climate and areas of extreme temperatures.

Start with the fun powerpoint slides which will give you lots of information. There are then a variety of worksheets to complete, with activities such as fact finding and annotating a world map, these are set at different levels, so please choose the work that you feel the most confident about.