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Willow Class


A warm welcome


Willow class 2020 – 21

We are a wonderfully energetic mixed class of year 3 and 4 pupils.

Our teachers are Mrs Turvey, Mrs Ruggiero and our lovely HLTA Mrs Smith. 

Our learning starts from the minute we enter the classroom and our days are filled with a variety of exciting activities from English, Maths and Science to Topic work (based on our Big Question for the term), PE, Art, DT, Music, PSHE and French.

We are keen to be as active as possible and enjoy practical opportunities to learn both inside and outside the classroom.

We hope to show you all the exciting things that happen in our class so please do keep visiting this page!

Our Big Question

This term we have been thinking about 'What it means to be a hero.'

Our lessons have focused on a range of heroes from British history such as Lord Shaftesbury, Florence Nightingale and most recently Emmeline Pankhurst who fought for the right for women to vote. 

Looking at Emmeline Pankhurst's life and her campaign to win women the vote sparked much heated discussion and emotion amongst the class. Having sorted opinions for both for and against women being given the right to vote the children made suffragette rosettes which displayed a clear slogan.

The used the three key colours of suffrage - purple, green and white.

The results are amazing and look stunning in the classroom.






Celebration Assembly

On the Friday before half term we paused to celebrate all the achievements of our wonderful class so far this year.

The children have worked so hard on their learning after such a long break from being in school and there was much to celebrate from stamp awards to headteacher and Willow star awards.

Below are pictures of the children receiving their awards.

Bronze stamp awards

Willow star awards

Headteacher awards and cups

Headteacher awards and cups


In science we have been learning about our digestive system and the processes involved when we eat food. We have labelled the system, learnt what the different parts of the system do and how we can help our digestion by eating well.

We then moved onto focusing on the teeth at the start of the digestive system. We made plasticine models of a set of teeth and learnt what each type of tooth does. The final part of our work was to carry out an experiment to see what affect different liquids had on tooth decay. Even in a very short time we were amazed by the results. They weren't what we were expecting!

Day 3 of our experiment

Day 5 of our experiment

The acid rotted the teeth (egg shell) most and the shell completely dissolved. The sugar free squash changed the colour of the shell and made it very soft. The coke and the orange squash also made the teeth (egg shell) very weak.

The water and milk were the only 2 liquids to make no change to the teeth!

We'll be drinking more of these from now on!


Our unit this first half term has been to think about the kind of world that Jesus wanted.

We have focused on learning through Bible stories that show the kind of things Jesus wanted his followers to do, developing this to modern day Christians and how they show Jesus' wishes for our world.

Below are some examples of posters that we created to show the amazing work of Christian Aid who follow the teachings of Jesus and are trying, in the 21st century, to create the kind of world that Jesus wanted.






























Welcome to Willow Class, our mixed class of children in Year 3 and Year 4.

Our Teachers are Miss Skelhon and Mrs Turvey. Mrs Smith is our HLTA alongside our TA Mrs Conneely.


Our class page will be updated regularly, with photographs and information, so you are able to see all of the exciting learning we have been getting up to.


Dear Year 3 and 4

Our school is closing just for a while,

but our learning will not stop, just change in style.

There's a very nasty virus which we don't want you to get,

so it's best to stay at home but try not to be upset.


It's ok if you feel a little scared or sad,

it's hard when things are different but not everything is bad,

I will be at my house and you will be at yours,

You will carry on with learning and play and help with chores.


Be sure to write a timetable of what to do each day, 

include our Maths and English tasks and don't forget to play.

Whilst many things are changing some things will stay the same,

I am still your teacher and Willow is our class name.


We'll help support each other and keep in touch for sure,

once everything is safe again we'll run back through the door.

We'll be back with our friends again at school and parties too,

but whilst things are different I'll send you lots to do.


With love from

Miss Skelhon xx

Year 3 & 4 Gymnastics Competition

On Tuesday 10th March 2020, 6 Year 3 and 4 gymnasts represented Great Gidding School at the Hunts SSP School Games Gymnastics Competition held at the Huntingdon Gymnastics Club.


Take a look at the Physical Education and Sports page under our 'curriculum' tab for more information.

Concept Curriculum


Stone Age to the Iron Age.


During our concept curriculum lessons, we have been looking at the Stone Age period. We particularly enjoyed designing and making our own Stone Age jewellery.




Rocks and Soils


In science we have been looking at rocks and soils. Our favourite part has been making our own fossils. Take a look at them below!

Willow's Fossils!

Roald Dahl is one of the world's most loved children's authors.


On Friday 13th September the staff and children in Willow Class had a fantastic time celebrating Roald Dahl day. Throughout the day the children took part in a fashion parade and engaged in many Roald Dahl themed learning experiences.


Well done to Alice for winning 'best dressed' and receiving a wonka bar!


Roald Dahl Day 2019

Our first day of the academic year has been a lot of fun. We have written our class charter, parliament manifestos and had a good ol' chin-wag!

I am looking forward to all the exciting new memories we will make together.

Miss Skelhon laugh

Our first class photo!