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Year 2 lessons



This week Miss Emms is continuing to look at The Firework Maker's Daughter book with you, she'll be teaching you important reading comprehension skills and how to write your own setting description.


English - Monday lesson 1

Today you will be learning how to find information in a text this is especially important when you are answering questions.

English - Monday lesson 2

English - Monday lesson 3

You will also be looking at setting descriptions and why it is important to use lots of descriptive language in a setting description.

English - Tuesday lesson 1

Today you will be learning how to use commas in a list and how to identify them in a text.

English - Tuesday lesson 2

You will now be using everything you have learnt this week to write your own setting description.


Science - Wednesday

This week you will begin a new topic 'Uses of Everyday Materials'.

Click on the lesson description below to view the lessons outline.


When completing the 'Identifying Uses of Everyday Materials' worksheets, please only do pages 1 and 2 (Those with 1 star and 2 stars on the top left hand side of the page).


If you would like to challenge yourself, you could answer the questions on the bottom of page 3.




This week Miss Iqbal will be teaching you all about Face, Shape and Patterns. You will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes and looking for lines of symmetry within shapes.


Maths - Thursday lesson 1

In this lesson, we will be naming 2-D shapes and describing their properties!

Maths - Thursday lesson 2

We will now be comparing and sorting 2-D and 3-D shapes.

Maths - Thursday lesson 3

Next we will be discussing what symmetry is. We will identify lines of symmetry within shapes.

Maths - Friday lesson 1

In today's lesson, we will be naming and describing different 3-D shapes.

Maths - Friday lesson 2

Finally, will be naming the 2-D shapes that we can see on the surfaces of 3-D shapes.

Keep up the brilliant work Year 2!